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1. Hair transplant:

It is the most popular plastic surgery in males. It is a burning problem in today's society. Genetic inheritance has important role in baldness. The patients own hair roots from genetic hair bearing area are harvested. Hair transplant techniques have over time developed and refined into two main methods: the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method and the STRIP method. They both have advantages and disadvantages, and after a consultation with a hair transplant specialist, you will know which method is right for you. The main difference between FUE and STRIP is in the way hair follicles are extracted. The insertion process of the extracted hair follicles is usually the same. A big advantage of the STRIP method is that it can collect more hair follicles at one time.

2. Breast surgery
Breast augmentation: The breast augmentation procedure helps in increasing the size of the breasts with the help of implants. The scarring is minimal and there are hardly any side effects. It is a very safe surgical procedure, does not interfere with one's ability to breast feed and does not cause any kind of harm to the breast tissue. You can go home the same day or the following day.
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Breast reduction: The procedure is extremely effective in giving the women relief from back, neck and shoulder pain, caused by heavy & pendulous breasts. The procedure also helps in making the breasts lighter and firmer.

The incision more or less takes the shape of an anchor. Through the incision, the extra fat, skin and tissue is removed and the nipple and areola are moved to a new higher position which gives the breast a youthful perky look.

Breast lift: Breast lift, medically known as mastopexy reshapes and lifts sagging breasts to give breasts a firm and uplifted appearance. It can be performed alone, or in conjunction with Breast augmentation .

MALE BREAST REDUCTION :  (Gynaecomastia) Usually the extra fat in the chest area which is removed with liposuction to give a masculine chest. Sometimes along with the liposuction, surgical excision of the area is done. This procedure helps in removing the superfluous fibrous tissue that cannot be removed by liposuction . It is a smooth operation with minimal scarring and has the best of results with almost no side effects. The results are long lasting,

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3. Nose surgery
Rhinoplasty is a popular cosmetic surgery for reshaping the nose for aesthetic reasons. A perfect nose not only makes your face look charming, but also compliments the other facial features greatly, to enhance your overall looks.  Through this surgery one can change the size of the nose or the shape of the tip or bridge of the nose, decrease the width of the nostrils, or modify the nose in accordance with other facial features.
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4. Liposuction

Liposuction is not only an option for fat removal from waist, hips, love handles but also for thighs, calves, chin, arms, and neck. Liposuction of the abdomen is one of the most commonly done area and is particularly helpful to people who have the tendency to accumulate fat in the abdomen which is resistant to diet and exercise. A compression garment is must from the immediate post-op period for 3 to 6 months. Three to four days of recovery will be required before you can return to usual work and movement, and after approximately a week, light physical exercise are acceptable.

5. Tummy tuck

Results in a smooth taut abdomen by removing excess skin and fat from the abdominal area. It also tightens the loose abdominal muscles, removes hanging skin and the stretch marks owing to weight loss or pregnancy. It is done if there is flabby, overhanging tummy, excess or loose sagging abdominal skin, weakened abdominal muscles from pregnancy or aging, stretch marks after pregnancy or old surgical scars. The support garment should be worn for 3-4 weeks. You should be able to return to work within two weeks. Exercises that strain the abdominal muscles should be avoided for three months.

6. Blepharoplasty
Eyes are the most expressive features in the face and the eye area often shows the earliest signs of aging, or any other kind of stress that we may be having. The removal of fat deposits, muscle and excess skin around the upper and lower lids can dramatically change your appearance and erase years from your face. An incision is made below the eyelashes in lower eye and along the crease of upper eyelid, skin is dissected, fat removed and the muscle is tightened. The incision is closed with fine sutures to avoid scarring. A trans-conjunctive approach is also sometimes used to avoid the external incision.
7. Dimple creation
Dimples on cheeks are considered cute by many. The demand for surgically created dimples is increasing. This is a safe and effective surgery and is done under local anesthesia as a day care procedure. Results are permanent.
8. White spots
Leucoderma and Vitiligo
The surgery is advisable for individuals suffering from white patches caused either due to some injury, burns, infections, cuts . Similarly White Patches appearing on any part of the skin caused by loss of pigment producing cells are also advised the treatment.

It can be treated by skin grafting. The graft is usually taken from thighs and placed over the affected area and often held in place with aid of a couple of stitches   and / or dressing. The treatment is effective on existing white patches but can not and does not stop further white patches from developing.
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9. Scar revision
Scar revision is surgery to improve or reduce the appearance of scars. It also restores function, and corrects skin changes (disfigurement) caused by an injury  or previous surgery.

Scars which need revision are the ones whose appearance is not acceptable to the patient, or the ones which have hypertrophied, or which are causing contractures. Various techniques like removing scar tissue and creating new wound,  dermabrasion, skin grafting (split or full thickness), Z-plasty, or tissue expansion can be used depending on scar size, depth and location. Post operatively medications (local antibiotics and steroids), silicon gel dressing and pressure garments help in improving the result.
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